VietsWay is hiring!
We’re building a company that’s going to completely reinvent the way people interact and conduct trade to and from Vietnam. For that reason, we believe it’s critical to our business that the team at VietsWay reflects the diversity of people we are working to to serve. We believe that with a diverse team, we’re going to better understand the needs of our customers and produce better products and services.  We’ve come to believe that we can make better decisions in all areas of our business if our company is diverse.

I know great people. How can I send you resumes?
Please don’t! We want candidates to be in control, so we only consider candidates who contact us themselves. We want people to tell candidates about us, not take matters into their own hands and introduce them directly (lest that happen without their consent).
If you know someone who you think would be awesome at VietsWay, suggest that the candidate contact us themselves at

What if I’m a recruiter?
We don’t accept resumes from recruiters. However, you’re welcome to tell potential candidates that we’re hiring, and if they apply themselves and list you as their referrer (and tell us they identify as a member under-represented group), then you will qualify for the referral.

Are LGBTQ, Seniors, Religious Minorities or Other minorities?
Our new employee tells us if they identify as an underrepresented minority. We trust everyone on our team so naturally we will trust their decision.

What jobs are we hiring for?
Part time and full time.
Are resumes from diverse candidates treated differently?
No. Candidates for a job at VietsWay are evaluated equally and without regard to race, gender, or other factors.
Does the employee get anything special, or just the referrer?
All employees are treated the same; we do not pay more or less to employees based on their gender or minority status.
Are you only hiring women and minorities?
No! We are hiring people of all kinds and welcome resumes from anyone.  We just have a larger number of resumes from non-diverse candidates, so we’re instituting this program to bring our applicant pool into balance.

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