1 Vietnam Incense Power Agarwood

1 Vietnam Incense Power Agarwood

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Vietnam Power Incense Khoi Duyen agarwood New

--Features of This item--

*Condition: a brand-new 

*Bottle Size: H 70 mm x  D 55mm

*Fragrance: agarwood

*Gross weight: 230gr 

*Origin: Made in Vietnam


--- About Incense information ---

Incense is one of famous sacred mascots in Vietnamese spiritual life. It usually used to show the respect to our predecessor, ask luck and peace in any important Vietnamese’s times.

That is the reason why Incense is carefully made from the hand of artisans, totally 100% natural materials and good for your health.

Therefore, we, Khoi Duyen - a family run business, are so proud to bring it to people around the world.