Management Consultation

The Management Consultation service is a high-level advisory that is insightful for business owners looking to build a global e-commerce business on your own website, Amazon or other online marketplaces. This high-level management consultation and ecommerce consulting will be conducted by a Senior Consultant who can advise on the following:

  • Company formation & structures
  • Product assessment techniques
  • Product development strategies to meet Western customer demand
  • Supply chain management strategies to ensure supply continuity
  • Inventory management and availability updating across online multiple selling platforms
  • Global warehousing and distribution strategies
  • Strategies to minimize customer returns & subsequent refunds on Amazon & other marketplaces
  • Strategies to ensure that your seller account(s) are always in good standing and not restricted
  • Advice on how to obtain approval to sell in restricted categories on marketplaces such as Amazon

Overall the management consultation service will emphasize on your ecommerce company structure and various options to consider when structuring and running your e-commerce business in a cost effective manner and with the best opportunity for rapid growth. The importance of management consultation sessions is imperative when starting your ecommerce journey as a seller on Amazon or other marketplaces. This high level ecommerce consultation will assist with laying the groundwork and foundation for a strong business and also assist with making strong business decisions from ecommerce experts at a professional level.

  • Brand list

    Give customers details about brands available at your store