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Langfarm-Artichoke Extract Ampoule-Pure Extracted From Artichoke Leaves-Antique Design

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Artichoke aids in cooling the liver, promoting health, and achieving smooth skin.

It's beneficial for those with weak liver, excessive alcohol consumption, digestion issues, constipation, and high cholesterol levels.

Made from pure extracts of fresh artichoke leaves, double-concentrated, supplemented with sweetgrass for easy consumption.

Guaranteed safety and hygiene with a clear origin. Conveniently packaged in ampoules, attractive design, suitable for personal use or as a gift.

Authentic product, original price, nationwide shipping.

Brand: L'angfarm 

Net Weight / Volume: 100ml

Expiry Date: 12 months

Ingredients: Each 10ml artichoke extract ampoule contains: Pure artichoke leaf extract: 500mg; Excipients: Sweetgrass, purified water sufficient to 10ml.

Usage Instructions: The product can be consumed directly or diluted with water. Adults may take 1 - 2 ampoules each time, twice daily. Children over 2 years old may take 1/2 - 1 ampoule each time, twice daily.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Safety Warning: Do not use the product if mold or unusual odor is detected.


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Langfarm-Artichoke Extract Ampoule-Pure Extracted From Artichoke Leaves-Antique Design