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Zara Bean Coffee

10 Bags of Vietnamese Coffee Filter Bags by Zara Bean Coffee

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1 Box = 10 bags

Filter coffee is a traditional drinking style of Vietnamese that has existed for a long time, but it takes a lot of time to make. Understanding that, Zara Bean Coffee has produced Drip Bag Coffee using special paper filter, which is convenient, non-toxic and eco-friendly. In 2 minutes, customers can immediately enjoy a cup of delicious, pure coffee as a filter Coffee.
With unique selection and distribution from Robusta, Arabica, Moka coffee beans in Cau Dat area, Da Lat and combined with experienced roasting techniques, Zara Bean Coffee serves many kinds of Drip Bag Coffee with safe, delicious, real aroma. These products are manufactured according to high quality standards serves coffee-lovers in domestic and export as follows:

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10 Bags of Vietnamese Coffee Filter Bags by Zara Bean Coffee
  • Traditional Robusta Coffee - $10.99
  • Cau Dat Arabica Coffee - $10.99
  • Premium Mocha Coffee - $10.99
  • Chocolate Almond Latte - $10.99
  • Coconut Latte - $10.99
  • Vanilla Latte - $10.99
  • Mint Latte - $10.99
  • Ginger Latte - $10.99
  • Rosemary Latte - $10.99
  • Cinnamon Latte - $10.99
  • Jasmine Latte - $10.99