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Ajinomoto Blendy

Blendy 3 in 1 Instant Milk Tea Matcha, Royal & Roasted Rice Matcha Tea (Less Sugar)

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"Blendy® powdered beverages bring you new experiences in the flavors of milk tea and delicious fruit tea. They provide you with the ease of enjoying the sweet and refreshing sensations that Blendy® brings right at home, whether you're savoring them with your family or enjoying them at your workplace. Blendy® 3in1 Milk Tea.

Currently, Blendy's 3in1 milk tea product line consists of three main products: Blendy® Matcha Milk Tea, Blendy® Royal Milk Tea, and Blendy® Roasted Rice Matcha Tea. All the Blendy 3in1 milk tea products are made from carefully selected ingredients such as matcha powder, roasted brown rice (genmai) imported from Japan, and green tea from Thai Nguyen.

Continuously researched and improved to deliver higher quality to consumers, Blendy® 3in1 powdered beverages feature a "Less Sugar" formula that aligns with the health-conscious trends and lifestyles of modern consumers.

Blendy® Royal Milk Tea - 144g (Less Sugar) (8 packets x18g) has a sweet and subtly bitter aftertaste, characteristic of real tea, using primarily Thai Nguyen green tea.

Blendy® Matcha Milk Tea - 160g (Less Sugar) (10 packets x16g) is fragrant and creamy, created by combining imported matcha from Japan with milk.

Blendy® Roasted Rice Matcha Tea- 160g (Less Sugar) (10 packets x16g) is an exquisite blend of the unique aroma of roasted brown rice (genmai) from Japan and the creamy taste of milk."

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Blendy 3 in 1 Instant Milk Tea Matcha, Royal & Roasted Rice Matcha Tea (Less Sugar)
  • Matcha Milk Tea - $14.99
  • Royal Milk Tea - $14.99
  • Roasted Rice Matcha - $14.99