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Song Hỷ Trà

Song Hy Tea - Two Flavour With Green Tea & Green Oolong Tea - Traditional Vietnamese Tea

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Brand name: Song Hy Tra

Quality rating: ★★★★

Net weight: 150g

Packaging: Vacuum-packed in silver-coated kraft bags

Packaging material: Paper bag

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place

Expiry: 24 months 

Made in Vietnam.

"Canh Hac" - the fresh tea of Song Hy Tra brand is a native  of Tan Cuong Village, Thai Nguyen City which has been authoritatively qualified by the 'Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practice" (VietGAP) for its safety. Tea buds are always carefully selected in a very strict standard and only be picked up in the morning.

Tea panfrying process is completely handmade thanks to a special technique that passed in through generations in order to make the most slender leaves, like crane's feather. And the tea green is totally smothered by the mystery snow white. However, the most secret of "Canh Hac" is about its arona - the combination of fresh green rice scent and gentle sweet honey flavor in a tranquil tea cup.

Exclusively, you could never notice any bitter and acrid flavors in "Canh Hac" tea.

Oolong 68 tea - an organic tea of the Song Hy Tra brand - has the meaning of "fortune and prosperity". This is a type of Taiwanese Oolong tea grown and processed in the Vina Suzuki organic tea region, according to the specific standards requested by Song Hy Tra to meet the high-end taste preferences and characteristics of Vietnamese consumers.

Oolong 68 tea is the essence of the land and the weather, combined with the diligent hands of the Vietnamese people who carefully nurture each tea bud and the strict quality management of Japan.

Oolong 68 tea perfectly combines a lingering aroma, a sweet and refreshing taste, and a green color with a hint of autumn yellow. Tea connoisseurs highly appreciate the natural essence and taste of a cup of Oolong 68 tea.

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Song Hy Tea - Two Flavour With Green Tea & Green Oolong Tea - Traditional Vietnamese Tea
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  • Green Tea - $14.99