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Phuc Long

Vietnamese Phuc Long Tea - High Quality Vietnamese Product-Lotus Tea 150g

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Lotus Tea is an exquisite combination of green tea and lotus flower, created through meticulous steeping process and modern production techniques, resulting in a product that embodies the unique flavor and essence of Vietnamese tea. When brewed, the tea releases a subtle scent of lotus, accompanied by a golden green color and a gentle bitterness combined with a sweet and refreshing taste.

Jasmine tea is a perfect combination of high-quality green tea leaves and jasmine flowers. The tea undergoes fermentation and blending with jasmine flowers, a process that is repeated multiple times to enhance the natural fragrance of jasmine. When brewed, lai tea exhibits a beautiful yellow color, with a sweet taste from the jasmine flowers and a subtle bitterness from the tea, providing a delightful and relaxing experience for the consumers.

Green tea is cultivated in the region of Lam Dong, where the climate and soil conditions are ideal for producing the finest tea leaves. Through careful selection and screening, only the freshest and most flavorful young tea buds are chosen for processing, ensuring the highest quality of tea. The tea leaves are dried without undergoing fermentation, preserving the natural flavor when consumed. The tea has a greenish-yellow color and a strong, bitter taste.

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Vietnamese Phuc Long Tea - High Quality Vietnamese Product-Lotus Tea 150g
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