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Chappi Mountains Coffee

Chappi Mountains Coffee - Robusta Powder 250g

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Chappi Mountains Coffee presents its Robusta Powder, a rich and bold coffee option for those seeking a potent and invigorating brew. Sourced from high-quality Robusta beans, this finely ground powder encapsulates the essence of strong coffee flavors and a robust aroma.

Crafted meticulously, the Robusta Powder boasts a distinctive profile that showcases the intensity of Robusta beans. Its full-bodied and earthy notes create a memorable coffee experience, perfect for those who prefer a stronger, more pronounced taste in their cup.

Whether prepared as a strong espresso shot or blended into various coffee recipes, this 250g pack of Chappi Mountains Coffee Robusta Powder ensures a bold and satisfying coffee indulgence for enthusiasts seeking a potent caffeine kick.

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Chappi Mountains Coffee - Robusta Powder 250g
  • $16.99