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Vintage Gothic Owl Blue Eyes Large Size Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

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Style: Owl

Size: 1.5 x 1.55 x 0.44 inches

Condition: New

Elevate your style with our "Vintage Gothic Owl Blue Eyes" large-size sterling silver pendant necklace, a piece of jewelry that seamlessly merges elegance with a touch of mystique.

At the heart of this pendant is the owl, a symbol of wisdom and intuition, intricately crafted in sterling silver. The owl's detailed feathers and piercing blue eyes give it a mesmerizing and enigmatic quality, reminiscent of gothic and vintage aesthetics.

The large size of this pendant ensures that it becomes the focal point of any outfit, drawing attention and admiration wherever you go. Its vintage-inspired design adds an air of timeless sophistication to your look, making it a versatile accessory for both casual and formal occasions.

The vibrant blue eyes of the owl seem to hold secrets and stories, inviting those who gaze upon them to delve into the depths of their own imagination. It's a piece that sparks curiosity and conversations.

Suspended from a sterling silver chain, this pendant necklace is ready to adorn your neck with its unique charm. It's not just a necklace; it's a statement piece that reflects your individuality and appreciation for artful craftsmanship.

Whether you're a lover of owls, a connoisseur of vintage fashion, or someone who seeks to add a touch of mysticism to their style, our "Vintage Gothic Owl Blue Eyes" pendant necklace is the perfect choice. Embrace the allure of the owl's wisdom and let your style soar to new heights.

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Vintage Gothic Owl Blue Eyes Large Size Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
  • Chain Length - $38.99
  • Cotton Length - $35.99