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Legendary Chocolatier

Legendary Chocolatier – Cashew Butter & Cinnamon Chocolate– Vietnam Zoom Gift Sets 8 Pieces

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Brand: Legendary
Weight: 80g

Zoom Vietnam collection – the typical Vietnamese culture expressed through Legendary’s chocolates

“Zoom Vietnam – 7 tablets” are special “artworks” showing the characteristics of Vietnamese culture through the periods. Legendary not only wishes to promote these beauties to domestic and foreign tourists, but more importantly, wants to preserve, preserve and develop the Vietnamese cultural identity.

A rich source of agricultural products is an endless inspiration for Legendary to create unique Vietnamese flavors. Zoom Vietnam – Vi Cinnamon, Cashew Butter is proof of that. The chocolate depicts the image of strong Tay Nguyen youths in the Tay Nguyen gong dance. Tay Nguyen gongs are the best of the epics about a majestic Tay Nguyen.

Chocolate and peanut butter are 100% handmade without other preservatives, so preserving chocolate is also very important.

  • Keep the product in a clean, cool, and odor-free place.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes, humidity and direct sunlight.
  • Humidity less than 70% in packaged condition.
  • Store at a temperature below 27 degrees Celsius or in the refrigerator.

Expiry: 6 months from date of manufacture

Small suggestion: The product is suitable as a gift or to bring home and enjoy with the family, adding chocolate will increase the happy atmosphere when gathering.

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Legendary Chocolatier – Cashew Butter & Cinnamon Chocolate– Vietnam Zoom Gift Sets 8 Pieces
  • $14.99