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Honee Coffee - Paper Filter Coffe Mediumroast & Light Roast Coffee 60g

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    1. Honee Coffee Paper Filter Coffee - Medium Roast (60g): This product likely includes coffee grounds that are suitable for making pour-over coffee using a paper filter. Medium roast coffee beans are known for having a balanced flavor profile, typically with moderate acidity and a well-rounded taste. To make a cup of medium roast coffee using this product, you would typically place the coffee grounds in a paper filter, pour hot water over it, and allow the coffee to drip through the filter. The 60g packaging indicates that it provides a substantial quantity of coffee for multiple servings.

    2. Honee Coffee Paper Filter Coffee - Light Roast (60g): Similar to the medium roast version, this product likely contains coffee grounds designed for use with paper filters to make light roast coffee. Light roast coffee beans are known for their bright and slightly acidic flavor, often retaining more of the coffee bean's natural characteristics. To prepare a cup of light roast coffee, you would use the same pour-over method. The 60g packaging suggests that it provides a generous amount of coffee for several servings.

    These products are suitable for those who prefer a more artisanal approach to making coffee, as they allow you to have more control over the brewing process, resulting in a fresh and aromatic cup of coffee.

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Honee Coffee - Paper Filter Coffe Mediumroast & Light Roast Coffee 60g
  • Medium Roast - $28.99
  • Light Roast - $28.99