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Tam Chau Tea

Tam Chau Oolong Tea Wooden Box Vietnamese Tea 100g

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Product Name: 100g Oolong Tea
Net Weight: 100g
Origin: Bao Loc, Lam Dong, Vietnam
Best Before Date: 2 years from the production date printed on the packaging

🌿🌿 The product is packaged in a paper canister, sealed to preserve the tea's flavor for a long time.

🌿🌿 Tam Chau Tea is characterized by the absence of any added flavors or additives during the processing, and it relies solely on the inherent fragrance of each fresh tea leaf combined with the natural flowers.


Step 1: Prepare a teapot, teacups, a tea strainer, and a tea tray (avoid using metal teapots to prevent affecting the tea's flavor).

Step 2: Rinse the teapot and teacups with boiling water for better tea flavor.

Step 3: Put the tea leaves into the teapot, using about 8g for 200ml of water. The best water temperature is 80°C.

Step 4: "Awaken" the tea. Pour a small amount of boiling water (just enough to submerge the tea leaves), swirl the teapot, then pour out the water quickly.

Step 5: Pour hot water gently into the teapot until it's full and cover it. Let the tea steep for about 30 seconds for the first infusion.

The steeping time can be slightly increased for subsequent infusions (adjust according to taste preferences and experience).

Step 6: Pour the brewed tea into cups and enjoy.

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    Tam Chau Oolong Tea Wooden Box Vietnamese Tea 100g
    • $15.99