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Tasami Seagrapes Wasabi Soybean Sauce 75g/ 100g/ 137.5g x 1 box | 100% Natural

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Sea grapes are a type of seaweed that resembles clusters of grapes. It's also known as "green fish roe" (fish roe or caviar is renowned as an expensive delicacy for the elite). Sea grapes are often harvested and used as a vegetable. However, its nutritional content surpasses that of common vegetables by a significant margin.

🔆 🔆 Tasami Sea Grapes offer numerous benefits:
- Stronger Bones: Sea grapes are rich in protein, calcium, and polyunsaturated fatty acids from the omega-3 group (DHA, EPA, ALA). They possess anti-inflammatory properties and alleviate symptoms of joint inflammation.
- Improved Vision: Sea grapes are packed with iron and vitamin A, enhancing visual nerve function, boosting eyesight, and preventing eye conditions like night blindness and dry eyes.
- Diabetes Prevention: With ample vitamin C, sea grapes are effective in preventing and managing diabetes symptoms.
- Heart Health: The presence of unsaturated fatty acids such as AA, LA, DHA, EPA, and ALA helps lower cholesterol and increase blood vessel elasticity. These acids also prevent oxidation, preserve artery collagen structure, and ward off conditions like stroke, atherosclerosis, and heart attacks.
- Skin Enhancement: The fats in sea grapes protect cell membranes, enhance blood vessel flexibility, and reduce dry skin symptoms.
- Combat Constipation: Sea grapes have low calories and sugars, facilitating easy digestion and swift waste elimination.
- Obesity Prevention: Low in sugars and rich in calcium, zinc, iron, plant-based protein, vitamin C, and polyunsaturated fatty acids, sea grapes are a nutritious and safe option for those on a weight management or diet program.
- Cancer Prevention: Fucoidan, found in this type of seaweed, is considered a natural anticancer compound. Studies in 2002 and 2005 demonstrated Fucoidan's effective cancer treatment capabilities.

🔆 🔆 How to use Tasami sea grapes:
Tasami sea grapes are conveniently packaged in small bags, pre-soaked to ensure the highest quality for consumers.
- Soak Tasami sea grapes in a bowl of clean water for 3-5 minutes until they expand.
- Lift the sea grapes and soak them in an ice bowl for 3 minutes to enhance crispiness.

🌱 Note: Soak only the amount you plan to eat to prevent unused sea grapes from drying out.

🔆 🔆 Storage of Tasami sea grapes:
- Store at room temperature below 30 degrees Celsius. Tasami sea grapes have a shelf life of 6 months from the production date.
- Store in a cool environment between 3-10 degrees Celsius. Tasami sea grapes can be used for 12 months from the production date.

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Tasami Seagrapes Wasabi Soybean Sauce 75g/ 100g/ 137.5g x 1 box | 100% Natural
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