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Thanh Long

Thanh Binh Vietnamese Coconut Candy & Banana Candy -Vietnam Ben Tre ’s Specialties

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Thanh Binh Coconut Candy is made from carefully selected natural ingredients like cane sugar, malt extract, coconut milk... Each candy is crafted to perfection, ensuring exceptional quality and flavor. Produced using modern technology, the product is safe for consumer health. The soft, aromatic coconut candy offers a delightful experience for those who indulge in it.

Moreover, the sugar content in these candies provides a temporary energy boost before meals, aiding in heightened brain activity and promoting even blood circulation to stabilize blood pressure. Thanh Binh's Coconut Chewy Candy isn't just a favorite snack but also a convenient choice to carry while going out for leisure activities or travels, allowing for easy sharing among friends and family.


- Keep candy at normal temperature

- Store in cool and dry places

- Avoid direct sunlight

- Peel outside of candy and enjoy instantly

USAGE: Instant foods, used before the expiry date

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Thanh Binh Vietnamese Coconut Candy & Banana Candy -Vietnam Ben Tre ’s Specialties
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