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Trung Nguyên Legend

Trung Nguyen's Weasel Legend Coffee - The No.1 Coffee Vietnamese Ground Coffee

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Trung Nguyen Weasel Legend Coffee is the only coffee selected to serve for global conferences such as ASEM, APEC, WEF... and as a special gift for Heads of State, Kings and is chosen by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Cultural Ambassador...

What is Weasel Coffee?

Coffee is the "treasure of nature," a "gift from the heavens." With its bitter taste and irresistible aroma, since its discovery and widespread use, it has been like a close companion to many heroes and great people in the history of mankind.

From the majestic Western Highlands, the legendary Bazan red land, which has a history of formation of 160 million years ago, the story of Weasel Coffee begins with wild Weasel species living in vast coffee forests...

After eating ripe coffee beans, the Weasel excretes the coffee beans through their digestive system, and the enzymatic activity in their digestive system enhances the quality of the coffee beans. The excreted coffee beans undergo many processing and production steps, resulting in a unique and extremely rare coffee variety, with an extremely modest production capacity of only 40 - 50kg per year.

Learn more about how Weasel coffee is produced

Trung Nguyen's Weasel Legend Coffee is produced using the biological fermentation method. Experts from Trung Nguyen have researched and discovered this method to reproduce the natural process that occurs in wild Weasel’s body.

To create a special raw material for the product, the Legend Coffee masterpiece is a combination of "heaven, earth, and the passion of humans" from the "legendary Western Highlands". It offers coffee lovers the "unique and magical taste and aroma" that ignites endless inspiration, exceptional creativity and extraordinary excellence to create historical milestones for themselves and society.

The flavor of Weasel Legend Coffee by Trung Nguyen

The coffee is produced using a special technology that creates a unique flavor profile. The sweet aftertaste combined with a mild bitterness at the tip of the tongue, along with a gentle and pleasant aroma, and a slightly tart taste, provide coffee lovers with an irresistible taste.

It is a highly suitable product for gifting, introducing, promoting, and as a gift for customers or diplomatic partners during events organized by businesses, organizations, individuals, or traditional Vietnamese gifts. Because of its sophistication, elegance, and class.

Together with the Legendee gift set featuring materials crafted entirely by hand. The intricately crafted wooden box with a scent of dried coffee leaves.

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    Trung Nguyen's Weasel Legend Coffee - The No.1 Coffee Vietnamese Ground Coffee
    • $99.99