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Cumar Gold

CumarGOLD - NANO CURCUMIN - Anti Inflammatory & Pain Reliever

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CumarGold to contain super NanoCurcumin bioavailability, combined with piperin (black pepper extract) may enhance absorption, decrease metabolism and excretion of curcumin in the body. Use CumarGold oral absorption of curcumin for up to 90%, so just use the normal dose (2 -4 capsules / day) have achieved high efficiency in the prevention and treatment support most chronic diseases.

Nano Crystal is pure curcumin from turmeric, is formulated with Nano super mini size (30-100 nm), to enhance the bioavailability (absorption and increase efficiency effects) up 50-55 times with ordinary curcumin extract.

In nanotechnology, the active ingredient Curcumin is enclosed in tiny polymer, forming the Nano particle size of 30nm-100nm super small, dispersed in water, is rapidly absorbed into the blood and birth 50-55 times higher availability than conventional curcumin (the Kansai et al, 2012) so effectively treated with low-dose superior and safe, non-toxic and side effects.  


  • To support the treatment of duodenal ulcer.
  • Help restore health and beauty for women after childbirth.
  • Help improve the healing process and remove its dark pigmentation.
  • Inprove the body resistance and support for patients who are undergoing the chemo- or radiation therapy.
  • Reduce the risk of tumor due to free radicals.
  • Protect liver and improve its function.
  • Duodenal ulcer patients.
  • Woman after giving childbirth.
  • Patients after being operated or who have wounds.
  • Patients who are using chemo/radiation therapy.
  • Patients who have chronic diseases, diabetes, hypertention, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, mental disorders.
  • Patients who are having hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis.

It should be given orally 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after meals.

- Preventing diseases:
  • Adult and children more than 12 years: 01 capsule, twice a day.
  • Children 6 to 12 years: 01 capsule, once a day.
- Supporting for therapy:
  • Adult and children more than 12 years: 02 capsules, twice a day.
  • Children 6 to 12 years: 01 capsule, twice a day.

Radix Curcumae longae essences. Extracted nano technology for 1 capsule.
  • Nano Curcumin: 150mg
  • Piperine: 0.3mg

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CumarGOLD - NANO CURCUMIN - Anti Inflammatory & Pain Reliever
  • $24.99