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Detox Green - Support Detoxification 30 Capsules Food Supplies

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Broccoraphanin™ (SGS ™): 75 mg
Theracurmin : 50 mg
Redivivo ® (Lycopene): 15 mg
Others: Talc, magnesium stearate,…
  • Supplement antioxidants; Support for the body detoxify cellular level
  • Protecting the liver and cells from harmful agents
  • Reduce the risk of tumors and chronic diseases caused by toxins and oxidants
  • Help skin beauty, anti-aging


  • People who want to strengthen  the anti-toxic ability and protect the body from infection risks caused by unsafe food, chemicals, polluted environment and water sources, drinking alcohol, smoking and people who regularly take medicine
  • People after each chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • People who want to prevent skin-aging


  • Adult and children more than 12 years:
    • For intensive dosage, usage in 1-2 months: Take 4 capsules / day in 2 divided doses in the morning and at night before bed time, twice a year.
    • For maintenance usage: Take 1-2 capsules / day, everyday use.
  • Children 6 to 12 years: Take half of the adult dose.

NOTICE: Take approximately 1 hour after meals, drink with plenty of water. Do not take with fruit juices containing high level of Vitamin C.

STORAGE: Dry and cool places, avoid sunlight

?This product is not a medicine, and not  intended to replace a therapeutic drug.

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Detox Green - Support Detoxification 30 Capsules Food Supplies
  • $24.80