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Hello 5 Coffee

Hello 5 Coffee Roasted Beans – Vietnamese 100% Pure Natural Coffee Beans

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Hello 5 roasted coffee bean processed by the wet method is called wet processed and washed coffee.

Wet processing in general is said to produce a clean taste in the cup of brewed coffee, and also helps to ensure a shining, bright acidity.

Roasted coffee is medium brown in color with a stronger flavor and a non-oily surface.


- Coffee is roasted fresh immediately prior to packaging

- Coffee beans are slow-roasted to bring out a fuller, more even flavor

- Whole bean coffee stays fresher longer

- Coffee beans are packaged to ensure optimal freshness

- The most popular coffee roasted by Coffee Bean Direct


- Take about 15 gram coffee beans to grind

- Put a coffee filter on a cup

- Put coffee beans grinded into the filter

- Shake and lightly press coffee

- Pour 10 ml hot water for coffee being wet and open

- Add sugar, milk and ice upon your taste

Storage: Keep in dry, cool place

Expire date: 18 months from date of manufacture

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Hello 5 Coffee Roasted Beans – Vietnamese 100% Pure Natural Coffee Beans
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