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Hoang Thao Moc

Hoang Thao Moc Tea - Herbal Gynostemma Tea - Supports Insomnia Symptoms - 500g pack

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Hoang Thao Mọc Tea is a herbal tea collected 100% from nature and tea usually grows in high mountain areas such as Lao Cai, SaPa, Yen Bai, Thai an attitude of 1500m above sea level.

Hoang Thao Moc Tea always ensures the best quality to bring health products to everyone with 3 criteria: Clean, Safe and Good for health.


Ramulus Ampelopsis


Tieguanyin, Stevia, Jasmine, HerbaPassi-floraefoetidae.

There are many health-protecting foods available on the market. However, the trend of choosing products made entirely from natural ingredients such as herbal teas for health protection is the number one choice that many consumers apply.

- Treats insomnia
- Supports the treatment of diabetes
- Helps stabilize blood sugar levels
- Aids in treating high blood pressure
- Assists in treating stomach ailments
- Reduces liver enzymes and blood fat
- Prevents cancer
- Reduces inflammation of the stomach, colon, and intestines
- Fights obesity

This sweet and fragrant tea can be enjoyed cold or with ice. Tea shops and cafes can serve it to customers without the need to add sugar or any other flavorings. Its unique taste comes from the sweetness of sweet grass and the subtle aroma of jasmine flowers, creating a natural flavor.

Usage Instructions:

Making a delicious cup of tea may seem simple, but if done incorrectly, it may not preserve the most natural flavor of the tea.

Preparing and using health-protecting herbal tea is simple and straightforward.

You can use 10 -15 grams for 1 - 1.5 liters of water, with the ideal water temperature being 80 - 90 degrees Celsius to allow the water to infuse the tea for 5 - 10 minutes before enjoying.

Note: This product is not a medicine and does not have any medicinal effects to replace prescribed medications.

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Hoang Thao Moc Tea - Herbal Gynostemma Tea - Supports Insomnia Symptoms - 500g pack
  • $32.99