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Kinh Do

KINH DO - AFC Crunchy Cracker - Vegetable, Wheat, Seaweed Flavours

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Why is AFC cracker considered a healthy snack? AFC Biscuit is a salty cracker with the characteristic of thin, crispy, spongy cake. This is a low-sweet, low-fat cake, which is supplemented with many healthy nutrients such as Calcium, Vitamin D, Fiber... so it is very suitable for the consumption trend of today's consumers.  

  • Vegetable Flavour - 193,8g (9 packets) 
  • Wheat Flavour  - 172g (8 packets x21.5g) 
  • Seaweed Flavour - 172g (8 packets x 21,5g) 

Usage and Storage.

  • Should only eat as a snack, should not completely replace the main meal because the nutrients in the cake are not balanced, do not provide enough nutrients for the body's activities.
  • Should eat less salty, low sugar AFC Biscuit to bring a good weight loss effect. Typically, AFC Buscuit with vegetable flavor or seaweed...
  • Combine exercise and sports to ensure effective weight loss.

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KINH DO - AFC Crunchy Cracker - Vegetable, Wheat, Seaweed Flavours
  • Vegetable Flavour - $14.99
  • Wheat Flavour - $14.99
  • Seaweed Flavour - $14.99