Natural Herbal Tea – 100% Hand-blended With Four Flavors

Natural Herbal Tea – 100% Hand-blended With Four Flavors

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Our hand blended, organic, one of a kind herbal tea blends are made with the whole person in mind. Enjoy a nice steaming cup of herbal tea that is sure to please the body and excite the senses.

Stevia Tea: Improve vitality stimulation of blood to the brain reduce blood sugar levels as well as nourish the liver.

Butterfly Pea Tea: Can reduce Cholesterol in vein which caused the risk of cardiac vascular disease.

Roselle Tea: It is believed to reduce cholesterol. Rosella tea is also known to help circulatory insufficiency, helps losing weight and keeps body fit.

Lemongrass Tea: Therapy for cold, congestion, fever, cough, sore throat and laryngitis, evacuates urine, and calculus, anti-flatulent.


Please keep in dry and cool place, recover packing tightly after use. Avoid direct sunlight