Phuc Loc Tho – Vietnam Forest Honey – Pure 100% Forest Honey

Phuc Loc Tho – Vietnam Forest Honey – Pure 100% Forest Honey

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• Forest honey - Loc Honey

- Ingredient: 100% pure wild honey ( U Minh Forest, Tay Nguyen Forest)

- Net weight: 500 ml

• Lord Milk Forest Honey - Tho Honey

- Ingredient:

+ 90% pure forest honey (U Minh Forest, tay Nguyen Forest)

+ 10% pure royal jelly.

- Net weight: 200 ml


- Improve health employees, supplement vitamins and necessary minerals for the body.

- Good for children having anorexia, malnutrition; elderly people; intellectual workers and especially women after childbirth.

- Support treat gastritis and chronic duodenum.

- Lotion to help skin look beautiful, pink and white.

- Health improvement and especially improved physiological


- Substitute sugar in food processing such as grilled chicken, turned duck, braised fish, meat, ... or processing drinks such as orange juice, lemon juice, vitamins, Yogurt, making Confectionery ...

- Drink 2 times a day, each time 2-3 teaspoons. Drink mixed with warm water, juice, smoothies or blended with milk, cream, tea, ...

- Do not use with borax


- Preserve a cool dry place, avoid sunlight.

- No need store product in the refrigerator.

Note: The product may be frozen if stored in the fridge. To the product back to its original state, soak it in warm water, mix after 5 minutes.

EXPIRE DATE: See on packaging