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Thorakao Ginseng CreamHelps Renewing The Barren Skin To Become Fair, Smooth 7g

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Thorakao (LanHao) has been the best cosmetic manufacturer in Vietnam for 50 years. They do researches on pharmaceutical properties of vegetation and animals, then extract and apply them to production of cosmetics in order to enhance natural beauty of women with very little use of chemicals.Pearl-Ginseng Cream is specially prepared from the juice of ginseng, pearl powder combination with  extracts from several other natural medicinal herbs. The cream containing a lot of acid amins, and vitamins A, D, E helps renewing the barren skin to become fair, smooth, cures the melasma acne, freckles, makes the skin more bright and pink when making-up, and prevents the ultraviolet in the sun. Whitening Skin, retaining moisture, preventing acne, reducing skin aging, protecting skin in the sun, and used as cream liner in making-up.

  • EXP Date: 2027.
  • Instructions for use: Wash your face, then apply Thorakao ginseng cream on your face, gently spread the cream, relax for about 2 hours and then wash it with cleanser or warm water. It is recommended to use the product regularly 1-2 times a day, after washing off the ginseng cream, it is recommended to use Thorakao rose water to rebalance the skin, and help the nutrients from the ginseng cream to promote the best skin care.
  • Preservation: Keep in cool place, avoid direct sunlight.
*Contact us if you have any questions - VietsWay*

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Thorakao Ginseng CreamHelps Renewing The Barren Skin To Become Fair, Smooth 7g
  • $8.99