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Tien Tuan

Tien Tuan Delicious Green Seagrapes - Product of Vietnam 50gr/bag

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Sea grapes are a type of seaweed that resembles clusters of grapes. It's also known as "green fish roe" (fish roe or caviar is renowned as an expensive delicacy for the elite). Sea grapes are often harvested and used as a vegetable. However, its nutritional content surpasses that of common vegetables by a significant margin.


  1. Rinse the fresh seaweed with clean water to remove excess saltiness. Then, soak the grape seaweed in a bowl of clean water for about 3 minutes to restore its fresh texture.
  2. Take the seaweed out and place it in a bowl of ice water to keep it cold and crisp. Consume promptly as the seaweed will soften again after 30 minutes.
  3. Enjoy directly as a green vegetable with various dipping sauces of your choice (toasted sesame sauce, soy sauce + Wasabi, Mayonnaise + chili sauce, sweet vinegar, etc.) or serve alongside pre-prepared dishes.

NOTE: Do not deep-fry, stir-fry, cook, or pour sauce directly onto the fresh grape seaweed, as it will cause the seaweed to become soft again.

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Tien Tuan Delicious Green Seagrapes - Product of Vietnam 50gr/bag