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Trung Nguyên Legend

Trung Nguyen G7 Cappuccino Instant Coffee with 2 flavors Mocha & Hazelnut

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If you have tried other "dessert" coffee mixes, they cannot compare to Trung Nguyen G7 Cappuccino. The base of gourmet G7, which is the world's taste- and quality-leading instant coffee, makes these drinks superior in taste from the start. The simple recipe is simply delicious and makes an excellent dessert coffee or anytime drink.

- Ingredient: G7 Cappuccino was distilled essence from the finest coffee beans Buon Ma Thuot combine cream powder and other advanced materials, plus the unique key of Trung Nguyen, brings coffee enthusiasts a type of soluble coffee Cappuccino being prepared Italian style.
- Characteristic:
+ Hazelnut: Cappuccino is rich and satisfying, with a uniquely "tropical" take on traditional Hazelnut.
+ Mocha: Cappuccino is lightly enhanced with cocoa.

- Put 1 packet of G7 Cappuccino into the cup
- Pour 150 ml hot water (80 -100 Celsius)
- Stir well and enjoy

STORAGE: Keep in dry, cool places

EXPIRE DATE: See on packaging

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Trung Nguyen G7 Cappuccino Instant Coffee with 2 flavors Mocha & Hazelnut
  • Mocha - $15.99
  • Hazelnut - $15.99