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Trung Nguyên Legend

5 Bags x Trung Nguyen S Blend Vietnamese Ground Coffee 500G VietsWay USA Seller

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Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Ground Coffee N/ S/ I Styles Vietnam VietsWay USA Seller

    Famous Buon Ma Thuot (Vietnam) Robusta coffee beans considered as the world’s best with delicious strong taste. And Trung Nguyen is the largest Vietnamese coffee brand involved in the production, processing and distribution of coffee.

    'S' Blend, actually called 'Chinh Phuc' ('Conquer'), is a product produced for the Vietnamese domestic market and not normally exported. Since we introduced it, it has been a consistent top seller, as a result not just of the sensational price but also the robust and complex taste.

    It is a blend of Arabica, Robusta, Chari (Excelsa) and Catimor beans in a traditional Vietnamese roasting and flavour balance, Trung Nguyen created a trademark "all occasions" coffee with a broad, rich flavour and buttery mouthfeel, with excellent aftertaste and keeping qualities. This coffee is a top seller in Vietnamese supermarkets and is highly affordable with great heritage, sophisticated balance and many hints of chocolate.


    • Type: Ground Coffee S Blend Styles Vietnam
    • Brand: Trung Nguyen
    • Origin: Viet Nam
    • Net weight: 5 Bags x 100g = 500g
    • EXP Date: 12 months (We always choose new)
    • Storage Instructions: Keep the coffee in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing the product in high-temperature areas. The caffeine content is at least 0.45%. Avoid placing it near chemicals or strong-smelling products.
    *Contact us if you have any questions - VietsWay*

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    5 Bags x Trung Nguyen S Blend Vietnamese Ground Coffee 500G VietsWay USA Seller
    • $13.99