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Twinings Of London – Natural Tea Filter Bags – Creating Satisfying And Rich Taste.

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Origin: Poland

Condition: New


English Breakfast Tea: A traditional blend of black tea can create satisfying and rich taste which is suitable for breakfast. You can enjoy this with or without milk, sweetened or unsweetened, the choice is yours.

Pure Peppermint: Awaken your senses with this fresh-tasting and invigorating infusion. Peppermint leaves have been carefully selected which can offer a cool and refreshing flavor.

Earl Grey Tea: The tea is light, fragrant and has distinctive bergamot flavor.

Pure Camomile: This is perfect for that moment of calm. The chamomile flowers are carefully selected which can deliver a sweet yet gentle flavor.


Place the tea bag in your cup and pour hot water to it. It takes about 3 - 4 minutes to have a cup of tea. Then remove the tea bag and enjoy.


English Breakfast Tea: Black tea

Pure Peppermint: 100% peppermint leaves

Earl Grey Tea: Black tea, Bergamot flavouring 3%

Pure Camomile: Camomile infusion.


Please keep in dry and cool place, recover packing tightly after use. Avoid direct sunlight.

EXPIRE DATE: See on packaging.

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Twinings Of London – Natural Tea Filter Bags – Creating Satisfying And Rich Taste.
  • English Breakfast Tea - $16.29
  • Pure Peppermint - $18.29
  • Earl Grey Tea - $16.29
  • Pure Camomile - $18.29