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Golden Weasel

Vietnamese Coffee C7 Golden Weasel Huca Food Golden 500 grams

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     500 Grams of Coffe Choice between 3 Styles

    Moka Bean Coffee Roasted Golden Weasel HUCAFOOD – 500Gr/Bag.

    What is Moka Coffee? Moka is a type of coffee belonging to the Arabica genus, introduced by the French in the 30s of the 20th century, they are grown in Da Lat, Lam Dong, the highlands and found by Doctor Paster. This unique and best land in Vietnam is the CAU DAT site.

    External description of Moka coffee beans: relatively small, hard, irregularly shaped beans with a colour ranging from greenish yellow to light yellow, Moka coffee is the Vietnamese name for Mocha coffee, known in Vietnam. They are a strain of coffee beans that originated in Mocha, Yemen.

    Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans – Golden Weasel – 500Gr/Bag.

    – Products of HUCA FOOD Production and Trading Co., Ltd. with more than 20 years of experience in coffee processing.
    – The product is 100% pure roasted, not mixed with impurities, and not seasoned with any other flavouring.

    – Selected from quality Arabica coffee beans from the Cau Dat area.
    – Pure coffee roasted with wood – Commitment not impregnated – No impurities.

    Pure Roasted Robusta Coffee Beans – Golden Weasel – 500Gr/Bag.

    – Selected from the largest ripe red Robusta coffee beans.

    – Coffee beans are wet processed and polished (remove dirt and silk)

    – Remove all impurities (twigs, blades of grass, sand, grit, no black seeds, broken, abutments).

    – Grain sieve 18

    – Silver packing: 500gr/pack

    – Carefully and meticulously roasted in a strictly controlled process.

    – Bold, bitter, strong taste typical of Vietnamese Robusta.

    – Use an Espresso machine or blend to make a filter.

    The product is guaranteed to be 100% pure, not mixed with impurities, and not seasoned with any other flavours.

    – Pack the packaging firmly, and carefully, so as not to damage it during transportation, after use, the customer can leave it in the bag, and close the mouth to be used the next time.

    Luwak Coffee Bean Roasted Pure – Golden Weasel – 500Gr/Bag

    100% Pure Roasted Luwak Coffee Bean Brand Golden Weasel 500Gr  – HUCAFOOD.

    Purely roasted, not impregnated.

    Particle Size: 95% S18.

    HUCA FOOD’s Luwak pure roasted coffee beans are a great choice for coffee connoisseurs across the country.

    Closed roasting process, meeting food hygiene and safety standards.

    Expiry date: 24 months from the date of manufacture.

    Step 1: Grind the coffee, then scoop 4 or 5 teaspoons of powder into the filter. With pure coffee, those who like to drink strong coffee should usually give coffee about half a filter.
    Step 2: Pour a little boiling water into the filter enough for the coffee in the filter to heat up and expand, wait a moment for the boiling water to permeate the coffee.
    Step 3: Then add boiling water to the filter, pure coffee will bloom when it meets boiling water.
    Step 4: Close the lid of the filter and you will have a cup of pure, delicious coffee.

    Expiry date: 24 months from the date of manufacture.
    Storage: store in a dry place, avoid direct sunlight, and close the bag tightly after use.

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    Vietnamese Coffee C7 Golden Weasel Huca Food Golden 500 grams
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