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Vietnamese Coffee Stainless Steel Cup Coffee Filter Brewer Sizes (S to XL) Jumbo

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Item Description
This is the café professional standard heavy-duty stainless steel traditional Vietnamese coffee filter/brewer (Phin).
Just add one tablespoon of Vietnamese coffee and hot water to brew a perfect cup of Vietnamese coffee.
The slow-drip press is enhanced by 110 small holes that distribute the water evenly across the coffee.
Stainless steel, heavy duty INOX II
Much easier to use than screw-down types!
For hot coffee, or place over glass with ice for rich iced coffee
Lifetime warranty
Coffee Filter Size 7: 3.8 oz/ 65 mm high; 90 wide
Coffee Filter Size 8: 4.2 oz/ 72 mm high; 100 mm wide
Coffee Filter Size 9: 5.9 oz/ 81 mm high; 109 mm wide
Coffee Filter Size 10: 10.5 oz/ 118 mm high; 150 mm wide
How to use Coffee Filter
Step 1: Put pure coffee into filter and shake slightly, stirring constantly to coffee in the filter flatter,
Step 2: Slightly compressed by turning the cap spiraling block.
Step 3: Pour boiling water into the filter, wait until the coffee powder has absorbed all the water.
Step 4: Cover the lid and filter and wait to enjoy your delicious coffee.

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Vietnamese Coffee Stainless Steel Cup Coffee Filter Brewer Sizes (S to XL) Jumbo
  • Size 7 (Small) - $9.99
  • Size 8 (Medium) - $10.99
  • Size 9 (Large) - $12.99
  • Size 10 (XL) - $13.99
  • Size 10 (XL Jumbo) - Sold out - $15.99